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London has been an important city since at least Roman times and became the capital of England in 1066. By the 14th century it was the largest city in Europe with a population of over 2M and in the centuries since then it has always been central to British and world events.

Throughout that time the city itself has grown, been knocked down and rebuilt, burned down, been rebuilt again, bombed and redeveloped. Yet the fundamental outline of the early city is still visible in the network of streets that remain to this day. The Strand is still the main road linking the City of London to Westminster. Oxford Street is still the clear route from the City to Oxford in the west.

Other changes are more significant. St Martins Lane links the church of St Martin in the Fields near Charing Cross to St Giles in the Fields near Tottenham Court Road – but you have to go back centuries to see the fields. Only fragments of the old Whitehall Palace remain but the street to which it gave its name – originally a public right of way through the royal palace – is now a major road.

Regent Street

Time Travel Explorer allows you to see trace these changes as you explore London. With high-quality digitised images of some of the most famous and important early maps of London you can explore the streets of London, seeing what was there in the past and enjoying what still remains.

Travel through time: As you track your location using GPS, TTX allows you to switch from one map to another – or even to slide gradually between any two maps – to provide a unique way of experiencing history.

Time Travel Explorer also has detailed information about over 750 points of interest, telling you the story of your surroundings. Over 150 of these have audio guides so you can listen to the information as you explore. [photo of people in the street with iphones!]. Many of the commentaries are provided by a certified Blue Badge guide, providing the most authoritative information

Over 1500 photos, many of them more than 100 years old, show you what life was like in the past. It's fascinating to see how the building in front of you looked in the past but perhaps more interesting to see the people who lived and worked here.

Time Travel Explorer runs on the iPhone (version 3 onwards(?)), the iPad and the iPod Touch. Click the Download button to try it now.